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The pixel art editor for desktop computers

PXL8 is currently in development, and there are still a couple of features missing, but you can download a trial version an test it now.

Download here!

Stay focused

PXL8 is designed to allow you to work without distraction. Using just your mouse, ctrl, alt and shift keys, you can draw lines, boxes, circles, curves, triangles or freehand, or pick up colors from the canvas, without having to change between different tools. The functions you need often are always right at your fingertips, while things you don't need as often are tucked away out of sight.

Don't let the minimalistic GUI fool you, PXL8 is a powerful tool for pixel art.

Use the grid to place pixels perfectly. Mask out areas you don't want to alter, or draw to a seperate layer. Cut, copy and paste, or use the nudge tool to fine tune or animate your works. Use filters to manipulater your image and color palette. Full support for animations and transparency.


  • Clean and effective interface.
  • A single multi-function drawing tool.
  • Paint with dithering patterns
  • Work with multiple layers
  • Customizable grid
  • Powerful palette editor
  • Animation and transparency
  • Export to png, gif and jpg.
  • Export single frames, animations, or spritesheets.
  • Runs on Windows, Linux and Mac!

PXL8 is © NoseDive Software