Early acces now available, just $11.99!

Download PXL8

Just downoad PXL8 for your system, install and run. If you don't enter a license key, you can run a time limited trial and try out all the features for free. The only limitation is that a timer will count down and force you to quit. You can restart as often as you want. If you get want to get rid of the timer, you can buy a license key below!

The current version is beta 0.8.1:

PXL8 requires Java 7 or later. Get the latest version here.

Early access

Since PXL8 is not completely done yet, you have a chance to buy a license now at a discounted price. Your licence will be fully valid for the full version as well. The price will go up for every new beta release until 1.0 is out, so hurry up!


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